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Sending your Picture...

Children under the age of 18 are allowed to post their pictureonly with the consent of their parents. We are not responsible for bad use of the pictures.
     If you want to remove your picture, please send us a request to the same e-mail address you sent your picture to. We'll remove it as soon as possible.
      We reserve the right not to post pictures submitted.

If you use Outlook, click here.

If you don't, follow these steps:
Send an e-mail to: - with this information:

Subject (The title): Real life picture

Body (The message):
Pirate Name: _____
Real Name: _____
Country: _____
Ocean: _____
Attached picture (Please note that the picture must be a ".jpg" file)

*It's not mandatory to show your Real Name neither your Country. It's purely your choice.

The site will be updated in February. Keep posted!

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