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Pirate Name: 
Real Name: Benny
Country: USA

Pirate Name: 
Real Name: Victoria
Country: Canada

Pirate Name: 
Real Name: Sasha
Country: USA

Pirate Name:
Real Name: Guillaume David
Country: Canada

Pirate Name:
Real Name: Becky
Country: USA


Pirate Name: Vaderhater
Real Name: Sara
Country: USA

Pirate Name: 
Real Name: Sebastian
Country: HungarY

Pirate Name: Vaer
Real Name: Chris LeGreat
Country: USA

Pirate Name: Valentinafio
Real Name: Valentina
Country: USA

Pirate Name: Vampii / Vampiregoth
Real Name: Bubble
Country: Australia

Pirate Name: Vampireking
Real Name: Critch
Country: England

Pirate Name: Vanish
Real Name: Jamal
Country: Palestine

Pirate Name: Vasoula
Real Name: Vasoula
Country: Greece

Pirate Name: Vedetta
Real Name: George
Country: Greece

Pirate Name: Velternal
Real Name: Lindsay
Country: Canada

Pirate Name: Velvetangel
Real Name: Rose
Country: USA

Pirate Name: Velz
Real Name: Sarah
Country: Sctoland

Pirate Name: Vertu
Real Name: Andrew
Country: USA

Pirate Name: Viacheslav
Real Name: Kevin Coffey
Country: USA

Pirate Name:
Real Name: Jack
Country: England

Pirate Name: Viridianmast
Real Name: Don't want to show
Country: USA

Pirate Name: Vjay
Real Name: Vijay Srinivas
Country: India

Pirate Name: Volcomstar
Real Name: Whitney
Country: US


Pirate Name: Warren
Real Name: Warren
Country: Missouri, USA

Pirate Name: Wasps
Real Name: Sam
Country: England

Pirate Name: Waynemoon
Real Name: Don't want to show
Country: Kansas, USA

Pirate Name: Wendypoo
Real Name: Wendy
Country: California, USA

Pirate Name: Weeslee
Real Name: Angela
Country: Don't want to show

Pirate Name: Welshlad
Real Name: Mark
Country: England

Pirate Name: Whalen
Real Name: Senn
Country: Belgium

Pirate Name: Whitesands
Real Name: Steph
Country: Spain

Pirate Name: Whiterose
Real Name: Mimi
Country: Venezuela

Pirate Name: Whymewho
Real Name: Stuart
Country: England

Pirate Name: Wiske
Real Name: Don't want to show
Country: The Netherlands

Pirate Name: Woahdude
Real Name: Steve
Country: USA

Pirate Name: Woodpeka
Real Name: Rebecca Wood
Country: New Zealand

Pirate Name: Wolfin
Real Name: Cassandra
Country: Texas, USA

Pirate Name: Wooden
Real Name: Jesse
Country: Australia

Pirate Name: Wronged
Real Name: Ashley
Country: Florida, USA

Pirate Name: Wubbajan
Real Name: Don't want to show
Country: USA

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